Crni Cerak Lyrics - Discography

595 Croatian Musical Group

"Crni Cerak" is a relatively new Croatian musical group that emerged in September 2019. The group was founded by Seksi and Ourmoney, who wanted to start publishing their music on a new YouTube channel. However, before the establishment of this channel, the group had already been recording their music on tapes since 2016. These tapes were distributed through WhatsApp, and they helped the group to initially gain a small but dedicated following.

The group's first official release was the self-titled song "Crni Cerak," which was recorded in the studio of their friend, 11808. The song quickly gained popularity and drew attention to the group's unique style, which blends elements of hip-hop, trap, and pop music. One of the initial members of the group was Ćaoz, who contributed to several of their early songs. However, his songs were later deleted from the group's catalog after he left.

Over time, the group continued to expand and evolve. Biba, a new member, joined the group and contributed to several of their later releases. She also occasionally released solo songs that showcased her individual talent and style. The group continued to release new music every few months, building a loyal following of fans who appreciated their innovative sound and relatable lyrics.

One of the group's most significant milestones was the release of their first music video for the song "SKRR SKRRR." This video showcased the group's unique visual style and helped to further cement their reputation as one of Croatia's most exciting emerging musical acts.

Since then, the group has gone on to release several EPs, including "FREE SEKSI" and "420," as well as a full-length album entitled "422." These releases have further solidified the group's position as a major player in the Croatian music scene, and they continue to attract new fans with their fresh sound and boundary-pushing creativity. Browse A to Z all Crni Cerak Lyrics, songs, and albums below.