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Dino James (born November 12, 1991) was born in Ghoradongri, Madhya Pradesh, India. He is an Indian rapper, singer, lyricist, and composer. He is known for his self-titled YouTube channel, where he frequently uploads music videos. Dino's music is inspired by his real-life experiences and struggles, and he draws inspiration for his songs from his own life experiences.

After spending one and a half years in Mumbai without finding a job, Dino James realized he needed to find one fast. To that end, he enrolled in an acting class, which improved his acting skills, and he began receiving small roles. Despite living in Mumbai for eight years, Dino returned to his village and joined his father's business, as he had no other options. However, he returned to Mumbai in 2012 with a new set of dreams.

While in Mumbai, Dino had the opportunity to work with Pradeep Sarkar, a Bollywood writer and director. However, he was not satisfied with his work and feared that he would become depressed if he did not unwind. He went to a Mumbai beach, where he started chatting with a lad who was playing guitar in his own track and lyrics. This experience made Dino realize that he had always enjoyed listening to music and creating lyrics.

Dino James has created numerous hit songs, including "Loser," which was inspired by his own life failure story, and "Girlfriend," which was inspired by his personal breakup. However, it was his motivational songs like "Kaliya," "Unstoppable," and "Maa" that won the hearts of the public.

Despite his success, Dino James remains grounded and continues to create music that resonates with his listeners. He is known for his honest and relatable lyrics, and his music is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Dino is a rising star in the Indian music industry, and he is sure to make a lasting impact in the years to come.
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