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282 American Singer & Rapper

Jonah Elias Rindner (born December 13, 1997) was born in New York, United States. He is an American singer, rapper, and multi instrumentalist. He is professionally known as Dolo Tonight. His relentless pursuit of artistic excellence constantly propels him to new heights, both metaphorically and literally. In a groundbreaking feat in 2021, the LA-based artist achieved a milestone by filming the highest altitude music video in the Western Hemisphere from the basket of a hot air balloon for his single "Higher."

Dolo Tonight's ascent to success began with his breakout hit, "Too High," which propelled him to the top five of Spotify's esteemed Top 100 Breaking Artists in 2019. This achievement solidified his position as one of the most rapidly rising talents in the underground music scene. Remarkably, Dolo's journey towards music stardom deviated from his initial path as a food science student at the University of Maine. Opting out of a career as a flavorist, he embraced his musical aspirations, encouraged by both his parents and college professors.

These fortuitous choices led to collaborations with Grammy-winning producer and engineer Michael Ashby, renowned for his work with artists like Cardi B. Dolo Tonight also secured a record deal with the legendary Epitaph Records, attracting a global fanbase captivated by his magnetic personality and genre-blending musical style. With his Baggage Claim collective of talented writers and producers, Dolo consistently pushes the boundaries of his sound.

His debut EP for Epitaph, titled "LIFE'S A PARTY AND THEN YOU'RE DEAD," showcases Dolo Tonight's evolution from the hip-hop-heavy sound of his previous EP, "Back To Earth" (Asylum, 2021). He embraces what he calls "anti-pop," an art form that subverts the conventions of popular music while still rooted in its fundamental elements. Drawing inspiration from indie, alternative, rock, and hip-hop, Dolo and his collaborators craft an intoxicating and sun-soaked blend that defies expectations. By experimenting with structure and sounds, they create an eclectic and innovative musical experience.

The tracks on "Life's A Party And Then You're Dead" serve as narratives for those who feel a little left of center: the wanderers, dreamers, and outcasts that Dolo Tonight holds a special kinship with. Having experienced the struggles of busking and hustling on his path to success, he has consciously built a musical world that embraces and accepts everyone. His inclusive vision extends beyond the music itself. Dolo is excited not only to share his EP through live shows but also to expand the storytelling through various immersive mediums.

Whether it's through a captivating short film accompanying the EP, engaging Roblox concerts, or drawing artistic inspiration from the visionary eye of filmmaker Wes Anderson, Dolo Tonight is determined to forge deep connections with his fans. He envisions creating a world that people can endlessly explore, transcending the boundaries of traditional music experiences. His ultimate goal is to weave a cohesive tapestry, akin to the interconnectedness of the DC Extended Universe, where each piece contributes to the larger narrative of the Dolo Cinematic Universe.

With boundless enthusiasm and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Dolo Tonight continues to defy expectations and push creative boundaries. His music and artistic endeavors invite everyone to join in the celebration of life, making it abundantly clear that everyone is welcome at the vibrant and immersive world Dolo Tonight has crafted. Browse A to Z all Dolo Tonight Lyrics, songs, and albums below.