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0 Australian Electronic Music Duo

Empire of the Sun, an Australian electronic music duo, rose to prominence with their 2008 hit single "Walking on a Dream," renowned for its dreamy '80s-synth vibes and extravagant stage productions. Founded by Nick Littlemore, known for his work in the electronic duo PNAU, and Luke Steele, frontman of The Sleepy Jackson, the duo commenced their collaborative journey in 2007.

Their debut album, "Walking on a Dream," catapulted them into international fame, achieving double platinum status in Australia and gold certification in the UK. This album spawned chart-topping singles like "Walking on a Dream" and "We Are the People," solidifying their presence in the global music scene.

Transitioning to their sophomore effort, "Ice on the Dune," Littlemore and Steele adopted the personas of "The Lord" and "The Emperor," respectively, embarking on a post-apocalyptic psychedelic odyssey. Released in 2013, this album showcased their evolution while maintaining their signature sound.

Empire of the Sun's allure extends beyond their musical prowess; their live performances are legendary for their flamboyant aesthetics and elaborate stage sets, captivating audiences worldwide. Signed to EMI Music Australia/Virgin, they continue to enchant listeners with their fusion of influences from diverse empires, incorporating elements ranging from Peking Opera attire to Incan regalia.

Their impact on the music scene has garnered them numerous accolades, with "Walking on a Dream" earning an impressive array of nominations and wins at the ARIA Music Awards of 2009, including the prestigious Album of the Year award.

Empire of the Sun remains a dynamic force in the realm of electronic music, continually pushing boundaries and enchanting audiences with their mesmerizing soundscapes and theatrical performances. Browse A to Z all Empire of the Sun Lyrics, songs, and albums below.