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190 American Singer

Jamesetta Hawkins (born January 25, 1938 - January 20, 2012) was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is an American singer. She is professionally known as Etta James. Her illustrious career commenced in 1954, marked by a repertoire of hits that showcased her remarkable vocal prowess, including notable songs like "The Wallflower," "At Last," "Tell Mama," "Something's Got a Hold on Me," and "I'd Rather Go Blind."

Etta James navigated a tumultuous personal journey, grappling with challenges such as heroin addiction, severe physical abuse, and periods of incarceration. Despite these obstacles, she made a triumphant return to the music scene in the late 1980s with the release of the album "Seven Year Itch."

Recognized for her deep and soulful voice, Etta James played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between rhythm and blues and rock and roll. Her contributions earned her six Grammy Awards, 17 Blues Music Awards, and accolades from institutions such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where she was inducted in 1993. Additionally, she received recognition from the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999 and the Blues Hall of Fame in 2001, along with a prestigious Grammy lifetime achievement award in 2003.

Rolling Stone magazine, in acknowledgment of her vocal prowess, ranked Etta James as the 22nd greatest singer of all time and the 62nd greatest artist of all time. Billboard's 2015 list of "The 35 Greatest R&B Artists Of All Time" also featured her, praising her "gutsy, take-no-prisoner vocals" that breathed life into a diverse range of musical genres, including blues, R&B/soul, rock and roll, jazz, and gospel.

Etta James' legacy as "one of the greatest voices of her century" endures, with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hailing her as the "forever matriarch of blues." Her vibrant performances on Nashville's "Chitlin' Circuit" during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s further solidified her influence and marked her as a trailblazer in the realm of American music. Browse A to Z all Etta James Lyrics, songs, and albums below.