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158 India Punjabi Singer & Model

Geeta Pakkian (born October 11, 1978) was born in Garhi Mahan Singh vill., Jalandhar, Punjab, India. He is a rising Punjabi singer, songwriter, actor, and model. He is professionally known as Geeta Zaildar. Geeta Zaildar developed an interest in music at a young age, and he used to sing the songs of renowned Punjabi cultural singers like Gurdas Mann and Kuldeep Manak.

He participated in Bhangra competitions and performed "Bolian" during his school days. After completing his graduation, Geeta Zaildar moved to Canada, where he met Ustad Janab Shamshad Ali, who was working as a Music Professor at the Amardeep Shergill Memorial College Mukandpur. Geeta Zaildar received professional music education from him for many years. His dedication and hard work paid off when he released his first album, "Dil di rani," in 2006. Since then, he has recorded more than six high-quality albums that have garnered critical acclaim and commercial success.

Geeta Zaildar's song, "Siti mar ke bulouno hat ja," brought him international attention and fame among Punjabi music listeners. His songs like "Kania," "Heart Beat," "Sair," "Pakian Kandhan," and "Ranjhe" have become memorable hits. Geeta Zaildar is not just a talented singer; he is also an excellent actor. In 2012, he played the lead role in the Punjabi film "Pinki Moge Wali" produced by Batra Show Biz.

Besides singing and acting, Geeta Zaildar is a renowned lyricist who has written more than 50 songs, most of which he has sung himself. His songs have received overwhelming attention from Punjabi listeners and have established him as a notable artist in the music industry. Geeta Zaildar has successfully performed his art all over the world, and his passion for promoting his mother tongue and culture has remained steadfast throughout his career.

In conclusion, Geeta Zaildar is a multifaceted artist who has made a significant impact on the Punjabi music and film industry. He is a talented singer, songwriter, actor, and lyricist who has garnered a massive fan following worldwide. His music and performances reflect his dedication, hard work, and passion for promoting the rich Punjabi culture and language. Browse A to Z all Geeta Zaildar Lyrics, songs, and albums below.