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Nicholas Jordan Kerr-Carpenter (born December 9, 1996) was born in Hornell, New York, United States. He is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer. He is professionally known as guardin (stylized gu△rdin). guardin's musical odyssey commenced at the age of 14 when he started crafting beats and instrumentals. He reminisces about those early days, recalling how he pieced together loops from Looperman and manipulated them using Audacity. By 2012, he had already uploaded his inaugural track, marking the genesis of his presence on SoundCloud.

Influenced by a diverse array of artists and genres, guardin's musical palette encompasses what he terms as "early emo," drawing inspiration from the likes of Taking Back Sunday, AFI, Hawthorne Heights, and Oliver Francis. However, his receptivity to various musical styles means that his creative wellspring is continually replenished by whatever he's currently listening to.

Transitioning from producer to singer-songwriter, guardin unveiled "hydroponic" in 2016, a pivotal track that showcased his vocal prowess and marked a significant turning point in his artistic evolution.

2018 saw guardin embarking on Oliver Francis' "The Overdrive Tour" as a special guest, further solidifying his presence in the music scene. The following year, he inked a deal with Photo Finish Records, only to reclaim his independence by late 2021. Additionally, guardin holds membership in Acid Castle, an independent label and artist collective which he co-founded.

Remarkably, guardin's creative arsenal has been shaped by humble beginnings, relying on a minimalist setup comprising a Blue Yeti microphone and an HP Pavillion laptop with a broken screen, hooked up to a monitor. Despite his rising stature, he has only engaged in five studio sessions, a testament to his DIY ethos and self-sufficiency in crafting his sonic tapestries. Browse A to Z all Guardin Lyrics, songs, and albums below.