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148 Indian Punjabi Singer & Songwriter

Gurnazar Chattha (February 18, 1990) was born in Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. He was an Indian Punjabi singer and songwriter, associated with Punjabi music and Punjabi cinema. He is better known by his birth name, Gurnazar.

Gurnazar and his friends formed a seven-member band named Green Chorus. The band kept participating in various reality shows/competitions and finally emerged as the winner of Channel V’s Nokia India Fest Launch Pad (2014).

Gurnazar was a highly talented and passionate musician who was deeply connected to the Punjabi music scene. His musical career began in his teenage years, where he started performing at local events and gatherings. He soon gained recognition for his exceptional voice and quickly made a name for himself in the Punjabi music industry.

Over the years, Gurnazar released numerous hit songs and worked with some of the most prominent Punjabi music producers and directors. His music was widely appreciated and loved by people from all walks of life, which led to him becoming a household name in the Punjabi music industry.

Apart from being a singer, Gurnazar was also a skilled songwriter who wrote many of his own songs. His lyrics were often deep, emotional, and resonated with the listeners. His music was also featured in several Punjabi films and soundtracks, which further cemented his position as a leading artist in the industry. Browse A to Z all Gurnazar Lyrics, songs, and albums below.