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413 American Actress & Singer

Hailee Steinfeld (born December 11, 1996) was born in Tarzana, California, United States. She is American actress and singer, who rose to prominence with her breakthrough performance in the 2010 western film "True Grit".

Her portrayal in the movie earned her critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including nominations for the prestigious Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and the esteemed BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. At just 14 years old, Steinfeld's nomination for an Academy Award made her one of the youngest actresses ever to be recognized in this category.

In addition to her exceptional acting skills, Steinfeld has also showcased her musical talent and achieved remarkable success in the music industry. She garnered attention for her powerful vocals and heartfelt songwriting. In 2015, her debut single "Love Myself" made an impressive entry onto the Billboard Pop Songs chart, debuting at number 27 and later peaking at number 15. This remarkable achievement marked the highest debut for a solo female artist on the chart in 17 years since Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" in 1998. Notably, "Love Myself" went on to be certified two times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), further solidifying Steinfeld's prowess as a musician.

Steinfeld's musical endeavors continued to flourish, and in 2017, she received the esteemed Billboard Music Award for Top Covered Artist for her captivating song "Most Girls." This recognition not only showcased her versatility but also solidified her presence in the industry. Furthermore, in 2020, her collaboration with Grey and Zedd titled "Starving" achieved tremendous success, being certified four times platinum by the RIAA. Steinfeld's ability to seamlessly transition between acting and music highlights her immense talent and dedication to her craft.

Throughout her career, Steinfeld has proven to be a versatile artist, consistently delivering compelling performances and captivating audiences with her exceptional skills. In 2016, she received a well-deserved Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress for her role in the coming-of-age film "The Edge of Seventeen." This recognition further established her as a prominent actress in the industry.

With her undeniable talent and remarkable achievements, Hailee Steinfeld continues to be a shining star in both the acting and music realms. Her ability to captivate audiences with her performances and her melodious voice has garnered her a dedicated fan base worldwide. As she continues to explore her artistic endeavors, audiences eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Steinfeld's flourishing career. Browse A to Z all Hailee Steinfeld Lyrics, songs, and albums below.