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372 American Pop Rock

"Hanson" is an American pop rock band hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was formed by the talented Hanson brothers: Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, and Zac Hanson. Together, they bring a captivating blend of instruments and harmonies to their music. Isaac showcases his skills on guitar, vocals, bass, and piano, while Taylor impresses on keyboards, vocals, and percussion. Zac, the youngest of the trio, exhibits his prodigious talent on drums, vocals and piano.

Since 2007, Hanson has been accompanied by supporting members Dimitrius Collins on guitar and Andrew Perusi on bass, who have become integral to their live performances and touring endeavors. This collaborative effort has elevated the band's dynamic sound and stage presence.

Hanson's claim to fame came with their breakthrough hit single "MMMBop" in 1997, which featured on their debut album titled "Middle of Nowhere" released under the Mercury/Polygram Records label. The infectious melody and infectious lyrics of "MMMBop" resonated with audiences worldwide, propelling the song to immense success. The track's popularity earned Hanson three Grammy nominations, solidifying their place in the music industry.

Following the release of "Middle of Nowhere," Hanson's label, Mercury Records, underwent a merger with its sister labels, leading to the band's transition to the Island Def Jam Music Group. During this period, they released one album under the Island Def Jam label. However, after parting ways with the label, Hanson decided to take control of their artistic direction and established their independent record label, 3CG Records. This move allowed them to maintain creative freedom and pursue their musical vision on their terms.

With an impressive global record sales of over 16 million albums, Hanson has achieved remarkable success throughout their career. In the United States alone, they have secured three top 20 albums, showcasing their enduring popularity among fans. Additionally, their catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics have garnered them three top 20 singles on the US Hot 100 chart, along with eight top 40 singles in the United Kingdom.

As they continue to evolve and explore their musical prowess, Hanson's commitment to their craft remains unwavering. With their independent record label serving as a platform for their artistic endeavors, fans can look forward to new and exciting music from this talented band. Hanson's enduring legacy in the music industry is a testament to their passion, talent, and dedication to their craft. Browse A to Z all Hanson Lyrics, songs, and albums below.