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807 Russian Singer & Tiktoker

Daria Evgenievna Zoteeva (born May 11, 2000) was born in Tobolsk, Tyumen Oblast, Russia. She is a prominent Russian musician and social media personality. She is professionally known as Instasamka. She has made a name for herself as a pop singer, rap artist, and TikTok sensation, having previously been an Instagram blogger.

Instasamka has gained widespread recognition for her controversial image, actions, and content, which often create a stir in the information space of Runet, the Russian internet.

In 2019, Instasamka rose to prominence due to her unapologetic approach and fearless attitude, resulting in her being named among the most popular girls in Russia according to Google. Since then, she has been an influential figure in the music industry, with her rap music being featured in the annual rankings of renowned publications such as RBC Style and The Flow in 2021.

Despite her early success as a rapper, Instasamka shifted her focus to pop music in the latter part of 2022, quickly establishing herself as one of the genre's most popular artists in Russia, according to Meduza. Her unique style, coupled with her captivating performances, has endeared her to fans and critics alike, cementing her position as a leading figure in the country's vibrant music scene.

In summary, Instasamka is a multifaceted personality whose bold and daring approach has propelled her to stardom in the Russian entertainment industry. Her music, which spans multiple genres, has been critically acclaimed, and her presence on social media has made her one of the most prominent figures in the Russian online space. Browse A to Z all Instasamka Lyrics, songs, and albums below.