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196 South Korean Singer & Actor

Jeong Yun-o (born February 14, 1997) was born in Seocho District, Seoul, South Korea. He is a South Korean artist who has made a significant impact in the fields of music, television hosting, and acting. He is professionally known as Jaehyun. He rose to fame as a member of the renowned South Korean boy group NCT. Jaehyun's exceptional skills in singing, rapping, and dancing have solidified his position as one of NCT's all-rounders, and his distinctive baritone vocals have captivated fans worldwide.

Jaehyun's journey began in December 2013 when he joined SM Rookies, a pre-debut training team. He officially debuted in April 2016 as a member of NCT U, a rotational unit within NCT, and subsequently became part of the fixed unit NCT 127 in July 2016. Demonstrating his versatility, he joined the newly formed NCT DoJaeJung in April 2023, further expanding his presence within the NCT universe. NCT has achieved remarkable success both domestically and internationally, with an impressive record of selling over 27 million records within a span of only seven years.

In August 2022, Jaehyun marked an important milestone in his career with the release of his first solo song, "Forever Only," as part of SM Station's NCT Lab project. This solo endeavor showcased his artistry and allowed him to express his unique musical style. Additionally, Jaehyun has showcased his hosting prowess as the former host of the radio show NCT Night Night from March 2017 to January 2019, and the popular television program Inkigayo from October 2019 to February 2021.

Expanding his artistic repertoire, Jaehyun ventured into the world of acting and made his debut with a leading role in the college romance television series Dear. M in 2022. With his natural charisma and talent, he proved his ability to excel in a new medium and garnered praise for his performance. Adding to his list of accomplishments, Jaehyun was appointed as a global ambassador for the esteemed Italian luxury brand Prada in June 2022, further solidifying his influence and recognition on a global scale.

Jaehyun's unwavering dedication, remarkable talent, and versatility have established him as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. As he continues to explore new horizons, fans eagerly anticipate his future projects and look forward to witnessing the growth and evolution of this exceptional artist. Browse A to Z all Jaehyun Lyrics, songs, and albums below.