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232 English Singer & Songwriter

Jasmine Adams (born July 23, 2000) was born in London, England. She is an English singer, songwriter, social media influencer, and makeup artist. She is professionally known as Jazmin Bean. she rose to fame for their daring and extreme makeup looks on social media platforms. However, their talents extend beyond just makeup artistry.

At the young age of 15, Jazmin Bean began performing music. Their first live performance was at a bar, where they sang while rubbing chicken liver on themselves. Despite the unconventional nature of their debut performance, they quickly gained attention and recognition for their unique style and originality. In 2019, they released their debut single "Worldwide Torture," which was followed by their self-released debut EP of the same name under their personal label Aswang Birthday Cake.

In November 2020, Jazmin Bean's EP Worldwide Torture was reissued by Interscope and Island Records, with six additional tracks included. They have also released several solo singles, including "Hello Kitty" and "Yandere," and have collaborated with other artists on singles like "Princess Castle" featuring Cottontail and "Monster Truck" featuring Zheani.

In July 2021, Jazmin Bean released their single "R U Looking 4 Me Now," which was followed by the release of "Puppy Pound" in March 2022. The latter was promoted through an interactive Instagram post where fans could text a number on a 'lost dog' poster to sign up for updates on Jazmin Bean's music. The single was accompanied by a music video directed by Shan Phearon and Jazmin Bean themselves, and has since accumulated over 2 million streams on Spotify.

Jazmin Bean has teased their next project on their social media accounts, hinting that it will be more pop-focused compared to their previous metal-inspired album. On November 18, 2022, Jazmin Bean released "Carnage" featuring Lucy Loone, with a music video also released on YouTube on the same day.

Throughout their career, Jazmin Bean has demonstrated a willingness to experiment with different genres and mediums, proving themselves to be a versatile artist with a unique perspective. Their music and visual artistry have gained them a dedicated fanbase, and they continue to inspire and innovate in their work. Browse A to Z all Jazmin Bean Lyrics, songs, and albums below.