Kacperczyk Lyrics - Discography

205 Polish Jazz Fusion Band

Kacperczyk is a Polish jazz fusion band founded in 2013 by Kacper Kacperczyk, a talented pianist and composer born in Warsaw in 1988. The band's music is characterized by a unique blend of jazz, classical, and rock influences, as well as experimental techniques that set them apart from other groups.

Brothers Maciek and Paweł, who have been involved in music since childhood, are also members of the band. Kacperczyk's debut album, "ELECTRIFY," was released in 2014 and received critical acclaim for its original compositions and jazz tune arrangements. Their second album, "Moonrise," released in 2016, was inspired by the natural beauty of the Polish countryside.

The band's current lineup includes Kacperczyk on piano, Tomasz Dąbrowski on trumpet, Maciej Szczyciński on bass, and Dawid Fortuna on drums. They have performed at jazz festivals and venues throughout Europe, such as Poland's Jazztopad Festival, Belgium's Jazz à Liège Festival, and Romania's Jazz in the Park Festival.

Kacperczyk's music showcases technical virtuosity, emotional depth, and a willingness to push the boundaries of jazz and experimental music. As one of the most innovative and exciting groups in the Polish jazz scene, Kacperczyk continues to captivate audiences with their genre-bending approach. Browse A to Z all Kacperczyk Lyrics, songs, and albums below.