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Vivek Arora (born October 12, 1995) was born in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He is an Indian Rapper, Singer, music composer, and songwriter. He is professionally known as Karma. His journey into the world of music began in 2017 when he embarked on a career as a rapper. It was on February 1, 2017, that he unveiled his debut rap creation, "Agar Main Haara," on his YouTube channel, marking the inception of a promising musical odyssey.

Just a couple of months later, on April 13, 2017, Karma released another compelling piece, "MASTAK PE DASTAK," further solidifying his presence in the Indian rap scene. However, it was during his night shift job at a concert venue in Dehradun that fate intervened and introduced him to the renowned Indian rapper, Raftaar. Intrigued by Karma's musical prowess, Raftaar saw immense potential in him and extended a golden opportunity.

On November 26, 2017, Karma received a life-changing call from Raftaar, summoning him to Delhi for a collaborative project. It was at this juncture that Karma formally adopted the name "Karma." Together, Karma and Raftaar worked on a series of popular music videos, including the chart-topping "Main Wahi Hoon" in 2019, which garnered a staggering 34 million views on YouTube.

Karma's artistic journey began long before he ventured into the world of rap. During his childhood, he honed his creative skills by writing poems and rhymes, often sharing them with his school friends. His ultimate muse and inspiration, however, was the iconic American rapper, Eminem. Karma's deep-rooted passion for music and lyrical storytelling was fueled by his love for Eminem's work, which served as a guiding light.

Karma's path to success was not without its share of challenges, including financial hardships and initial disappointments. Despite encountering obstacles and setbacks, he persisted with unwavering determination. Through his music, he proudly proclaimed himself as "Dehradun Ka Mera Khoon" (The Blood of Dehradun), a testament to his unwavering commitment to his roots.

Currently, Karma is diligently working on his inaugural EP, "Newcomer (NUKE-AMAR)." The EP's debut track, "Swagat Hai," was unveiled on October 2, 2019, offering a glimpse into the evolving artistry of this talented artist who has risen from humble beginnings to captivate the hearts of music enthusiasts across the nation. Browse A to Z all Karma Lyrics, songs, and albums below.