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538 Hungarian Rapper

Krisztián Horváth (born November 17, 1994) was born in Pomáz, Hungary. He is a Hungarian singer, rapper, composer, lyricist. He is professionally known as Krúbi. Krúbi has won the Phonogram award three times, a testament to his talent and creativity. His first CD was released on February 18, 2019 under the title Záróló Feoldva, also by Universal Music Kft, Hungary.

Initially, Krúbi was active in a metal style and sang for a band called Pregnant Whale Pain. However, in 2017, he made a bold move to start a rap career, which has proved to be a smart decision. Since then, he has amassed a significant following with his music that is often raw and genuine, yet profoundly impactful.

One of Krúbi's earliest rap songs, PestiEst, has gained tremendous popularity on the YouTube video sharing portal, with more than 2.4 million views to date. His most viewed rap song, Heavy Legs, has already been played over 8.4 million times, a clear indication of his growing influence in the industry.

Krúbi's music is characterized by naturalistic lyrics that are also deeply thoughtful. His texts often touch on current events and politics, with some songs being almost harshly critical of the government. Krúbi has never shied away from using his music as a platform to speak out on issues that matter to him, and this has earned him respect and admiration from his fans.

Krúbi has tackled a variety of topics in his music, including the political climate in Hungary. He has sung about notable political figures such as Viktor Orbán, Lőrinc Mészáros, Ferenc Gyurcsány, and Andor Schmuck. Krúbi's music is a reflection of his influences, which include Killakikitt, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Between The Buried And Me, and Alice In Chains.

In conclusion, Krúbi is a talented and dynamic artist who has proven himself in both the metal and rap genres. His music is characterized by a blend of naturalistic lyrics and impactful messaging, making him an artist to watch in the Hungarian music industry. With a growing following and a passion for using his music to effect change, Krúbi is an artist with a bright future ahead of him. Browse A to Z all Krúbi Lyrics, songs, and albums below.