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444 American Singer & Songwriter

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (born June 21, 1985) was born in New York City, United States. She is an American singer and songwriter who has made a significant impact on the music industry since her debut. She is professionally known as Lana Del Rey. She grew up in a family that fostered her creativity and musical interests.

She began performing in various clubs and bars in New York City under different stage names, including Lizzy Grant, before settling on Lana Del Rey in 2010. Her music caught the attention of industry executives, and she signed a recording contract with Interscope Records in 2011.

In 2012, Del Rey released her debut album, "Born to Die," which achieved commercial success, with several hit singles such as "Video Games" and "Summertime Sadness." She followed up with several successful albums, including "Ultraviolence," "Honeymoon," "Lust for Life," and "Chemtrails Over the Country Club."

Del Rey's music is characterized by its unique dreamy, vintage-inspired sound and poetic lyrics, often exploring themes of love, heartbreak, and the complexities of the human experience. Her cinematic soundscape has gained her a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim, and she is often hailed as a true artist and poet.

In addition to her music, Del Rey has also acted in films and television shows, including her short film, "Tropico," which she directed in 2013. Her fashion sense and style have also become iconic, with her unique vintage-inspired fashion sense and glamorous persona.

Del Rey has been nominated for several prestigious awards throughout her career, including multiple Grammy nominations. She has won several awards, including two MTV Europe Music Awards, a Q Award, and an Ivor Novello Award. In 2020, she was named the Trailblazer of the Year at the Q Awards, and in 2021, she was named the Artist of the Decade by the NME Awards.

Overall, Lana Del Rey has become a prominent figure in popular music, fashion, and culture, and her contributions to the industry are likely to be remembered for years to come. Browse A to Z all Lana Del Rey Lyrics, songs, and albums below.

Lana Del Rey Lyrics