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154 Danish Pop Band

"Lukas Graham" is a Danish pop band led by the talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Lukas Forchhammer, along with bassist Magnus Larsson and drummer Mark Falgren. The band was first introduced to the music world in 2012 with their debut album, "Lukas Graham", released by Copenhagen Records and Then We Take The World.

Their unique music style blends pop and soul, creating a sound that is both distinctive and soulful. The album was an instant hit in Denmark, where it soared to the top of the charts, reaching number one.

In 2015, the band released their second album, which garnered international recognition with the success of singles like "Mama Said" and "7 Years." The latter single quickly became a chart-topping sensation in numerous major music markets, showcasing the band's ability to captivate audiences globally.

The band's self-titled international debut album was eventually released in the United States on April 1, 2016, through Warner Bros. Records. The album contained some of their most popular tracks, including "7 Years," which topped charts in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia.

Since their debut, Lukas Graham has continued to produce music that resonates with their listeners worldwide. Their unique blend of pop and soul has earned them critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. Through their music, the band has been able to convey raw emotions, tackle important social issues, and provide a voice to those who feel unheard. The band's artistry and relatable lyrics have established Lukas Graham as one of Denmark's most successful musical exports.
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