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Benjamin Hammond Haggerty (born June 19, 1983) was born in Seattle, Washington, United States. He is an American rapper. He is professionally known as Macklemore. His journey began in the early 2000s, marked by the release of several independent works, including "Open Your Eyes" (2000), "The Language of My World" (2005), and "The Unplanned Mixtape" (2009), under the moniker Professor Macklemore. However, it was his partnership with producer Ryan Lewis that catapulted him to global recognition.

Collaborating as the duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from 2009 to 2016, the pair achieved unprecedented success. Their breakout single, "Thrift Shop" featuring Wanz, dominated the charts in 2013, topping the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Notably, the song's ascent was remarkable as it marked a departure from the traditional industry model, with Macklemore's unique contract allowing him to maintain creative control while leveraging the promotional support of Warner Bros. Records.

Their follow-up single, "Can't Hold Us," further solidified their place in music history, securing the top spot on the Hot 100 chart. The success of these singles propelled their debut studio album, "The Heist," to remarkable heights, reaching number two on the U.S. Billboard 200. At the 2014 Grammy Awards, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis clinched four prestigious awards, including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album for "The Heist."

After parting ways with Lewis, Macklemore embarked on a solo journey, marking his return to the music scene with the uplifting single "Glorious" featuring Skylar Grey in June 2017. This marked a new chapter in his career, showcasing his versatility and ability to thrive independently. Subsequently, Macklemore released his second solo studio album, "Gemini," in September of the same year, followed by the introspective "Ben" in February 2023, further cementing his status as a dynamic and influential artist in the industry. Browse A to Z all Macklemore Lyrics, songs, and albums below.