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Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann (born July 21, 1998) was born in Dallas, Texas, United States. She is an American singer and songwriter. She is professionally known as Maggie Lindemann. While she initially gained recognition with her 2016 hit single "Pretty Girl," reaching impressive chart positions globally, Lindemann has since evolved her sound. Transitioning into pop-rock, she unveiled her debut EP, "Paranoia," in 2021, a collection that showcased her ability to blend genres and experiment with rock and metal elements, earning praise for keeping the emo spirit alive.

Lindemann's musical odyssey began in 2015 with the release of her debut single "Knocking On Your Heart," followed by "Couple of Kids" and "Things." However, it was "Pretty Girl" that marked a turning point, emphasizing the depth beyond physical appearance. Her venture into pop rock became more apparent with subsequent releases like "Friends Go," and she continued to captivate audiences with singles such as "Knife Under My Pillow," "Gaslight!," "Scissorhands," and "Loner."

In addition to her thriving music career, Lindemann ventured into the podcast realm with "swixxzaudio," sharing insights into her creative process and the making of "Paranoia." She also founded her record label under the same name in 2020. Notably, her single "Crash and Burn" earned recognition on's Alternative Pick of the Week in March 2021.

Anticipation surrounded Lindemann's debut album, "Suckerpunch," released on September 16, 2022. The album, delayed by seven years due to artistic struggles and label issues, showcases her resilience and evolution. Lindemann expressed a departure from her initial bright and bubbly image, favoring the tracks "Self-Sabotage" and "Hear Me Out" on her sophomore project. This album, featuring singles like "How Could You Do This to Me," "Break Me!" with Siiickbrain, and "You're Not Special," underscores Lindemann's growth as an artist navigating the complexities of the music industry. Browse A to Z all Maggie Lindemann Lyrics, songs, and albums below.