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195 English Singer & Songwriter

Maisie Hannah Peters (born May 28, 2000) was born in Steyning, West Sussex, England. She is a rising English singer-songwriter renowned for her captivating voice and heartfelt songwriting. She is professionally known as Maisie Peters. From a young age, her passion for music was evident as she began singing at the tender age of eight, initially finding her voice in choirs.

Her journey as a songwriter commenced at just nine years old when she penned her very first song. By the age of 12, inspired by a friend's guitar lent for a school project, Maisie Peters started to craft songs regularly, marking the beginning of her remarkable career.

At the age of 15, Peters took her music to the streets of Brighton, where she began busking, captivating passersby with her soulful performances. Simultaneously, she embraced the digital age by sharing her original compositions on YouTube, gradually amassing a devoted following.

Maisie Peters truly made her mark with her debut studio album, "You Signed Up for This," which was released under the distinguished Gingerbread Man Records, founded by the acclaimed Ed Sheeran. Prior to this milestone, she had been signed to Atlantic Records and had released two compelling EPs, further establishing her as a rising star in the music industry.

In addition to her solo endeavors, Peters took on the role of curator for the soundtrack of season two of the popular British comedy series, "Trying." Her vocal range, characterized by a soprano voice, adds depth and emotion to her songs, resonating with listeners worldwide.

Her musical influences are diverse, ranging from the English-Irish girl group Girls Aloud to the iconic Lily Allen. Peters' work also reflects the impact of bands like Arctic Monkeys, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy, particularly evident in her pop-rock compositions. With a bright future ahead and a growing fan base, Maisie Peters continues to enchant the music world with her talent and heartfelt lyrics. Browse A to Z all Maisie Peters Lyrics, songs, and albums below.