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515 Argentine Singer

María de los Ángeles Becerra (born February 12, 2000) was born in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an Argentine singer and former YouTuber who has quickly made a name for herself as a leading voice in Argentina's urban pop movement. She is professionally known as María Becerra.

She is a rising star in the world of Argentine music, With her unique blend of hip hop, reggaeton, trap, R&B and salsa, she has captured the attention of audiences both in Argentina and beyond.

Becerra's musical career began when she was just twelve years old and started posting videos on Facebook. In 2015, one of her parody monologues went viral, amassing over a million views in just hours. This encouraged her to start her own YouTube channel where she would post videos of herself singing, dancing, vlogging and giving tutorials.

Her big break came in September 2019 when she released her debut EP, 222. This album showcased her talent for fusing different genres together and earned her widespread recognition in Argentina. The EP's success was followed up by her single "High" which featured remixes by Argentine singer Tini and Spanish singer Lola Índigo. The song reached the number-two position on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 and helped establish Becerra as a major force in the Latin music industry.

Since then, Becerra has been featured in multiple remixes including "En Tu Cuerpo" with Lyanno, Rauw Alejandro and Lenny Tavárez, "AYNEA" with FMK and Beret, and "Además de Mí" with Rusherking, Khea, Duki, Lit Killah and Tiago PZK. The remix of "Además de Mí" became Becerra's first number-one single on the Argentina Hot 100.

In 2020, Becerra became the first Latin artist to be signed to the indie record label 300 Entertainment. The following year, she released her second EP, Animal, Pt. 1, which explored themes of women empowerment, love, and lust. The EP featured collaborations with other artists such as Cazzu on the single "Animal" and showcased Becerra's versatility as a musician. The album also garnered critical acclaim and peaked at number five on the charts in Argentina.

In 2023, Becerra signed with Warner Music Latina, a major record label, signaling even greater things to come in her career. With her unique style, powerful voice, and unwavering dedication to her craft, María de los Ángeles Becerra is poised to become one of the biggest names in Latin music. Browse A to Z all Maria Becerra Lyrics, songs, and albums below.