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Azamat Kazbekovich Kudzaev (born December 13, 1990) was born in Vladikavkaz, Russia. He is a Russian rapper. He is professionally known as MiyaGi. MiyaGi started rapping in his third year of university while studying to become a surgeon. He soon quit his medical career and pursued music full-time.

MiyaGi began his career in 2007 under the pseudonym Shau, but later changed it to MiyaGi in honor of Mr. Miyagi from the movie "Karate Kid." In 2009, he joined the Dope Records creative association, which also included Endgame, Namo Minigan, Shuga, Asab, SH Kera, and The GuyS. In August 2014, MiyaGi founded his own label, Asata, which included Namo Minigan and Amigo. During his time at Asata, he released several successful tracks, including "Hummingbird," "Dom," and "Bonnie," along with music videos.

After a hiatus from music, MiyaGi released the single "Sleepy Hollow" on May 18, 2018, followed by three more singles in 2018: "Captain," "Sorry," and "Native sing" featuring KADI. He also collaborated with KADI on the track "Colors." In 2019, MiyaGi released several singles, including "Fantasy," "Angel," "Bismarck" featuring TumaniYO and KADI, and "Trenchtown."

On June 21, 2019, MiyaGi released his debut album "Buster Keaton," which contained 12 tracks and featured collaborations with members of Hajime Records: Andy Panda (Endgame), HLOY, TumaniYO, and KADI. He also released the track "Jamm" featuring TumaniYO on September 13, 2019, and an animated music video for "Trenchtown" dedicated to Bob Marley on December 12, 2019, produced by Castle.

In collaboration with Scryptonite, MiyaGi participated in the track "104 NOT SORRY" from the album "MOVIE WITHOUT CIGARETTES." On March 2, 2020, he released a music video for his single "Samurai," followed by a re-released version of "Texture" with an updated instrumental on March 9. On April 29, he collaborated with Ollane, a new resident of Hajime Records, on the single "Touch The Sky."

MiyaGi's latest collaboration was with KADI on the track "Prayers," featured on KADI's album "KOPFKINO," released on September 25. MiyaGi continues to be a popular figure in the Russian rap scene, known for his distinct style and collaborations with other prominent artists. Browse A to Z all Miyagi Lyrics, songs, and albums below.