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269 Puerto Rican Singer & Songwriter

Gabriel Armando Mora Quintero (born April 18, 1996) was born in Bayamón, San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and music producer who has made a significant impact in the Latin music industry. He is professionally known as Mora. Mora has become recognized for his exceptional talent in producing, composing, and collaborating on various hit singles.

Mora's musical journey began in 2017, where he released one of his early singles titled "Provocándome." Shortly after, he followed it up with "Señorita" featuring Rafa Pabön. However, it was the remix of "Pensabas" with Eladio Carrión, Brray, and Joyce Santana that gained him considerable attention and success. Not stopping there, Mora went on to release independent tracks like "Never We Will Be," "Until When," and "Noche Loca."

In 2018, Mora signed a contract with Rimas Music, a Puerto Rican label. Under this label, he released his first single, "Miento," featuring Ele A el Dominio. He continued collaborating with artists like Rafa Pabón and Brray on the track "Me Jukie" and worked with Myke Towers on the hit "Si tú no estás." Additionally, he released the remix of "Noche Loca" alongside Bryant Myers, De la Ghetto, Noriel, and Juhn.

Entering 2019, Mora kicked off the year with "No hay Mañana" featuring Nio García. Throughout the year, he released numerous successful solo singles such as "El Recuerdo," "La Culpa," "Perdóname" with Chilean artist Pablo Chill-E, and "En Bajita," among others. He also premiered "Giving him" and "I don't believe you."

In 2020, Mora continued to make waves with tracks like "Caliente" and "Malagradecida" featuring Big Soto. One of his standout moments came when he collaborated with Bad Bunny on the single "Una vez" from the album YHLQMDLG, which topped the charts and propelled Mora to new heights. Additionally, Mora contributed to the album as a songwriter, co-creating the songs "La difícil" and "Solia." His partnership with Bad Bunny extended further with their work on "Te Mudaste" and "Un Verano sin Ti," which bear the name of Bad Bunny's album.

With his unique style and talent as a singer, songwriter, and music producer, Mora has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the Latin music scene. His collaborations and solo releases continue to captivate audiences worldwide, showcasing his versatility and creativity within the industry. Browse A to Z all Mora Lyrics, songs, and albums below.