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Morat is a talented Colombian band hailing from the bustling city of Bogotá. Its members include Juan Pablo Isaza, who provides the group's vocals and plays guitar, and Juan Pablo Villamil, who adds his vocals and banjo skills to the mix. Additionally, the Vargas brothers - Simón on bass and vocals, and Martín on percussion and choirs - complete the lineup.

The roots of Morat's musical journey can be traced back to their early childhood. Having known each other since they were just five years old, they started playing together informally. Later, when they had completed their respective musical training, they decided to form a band. Despite losing drummer Alejandro Posada at the end of 2016, the band continued to create and perform, with Martín Vargas stepping in to fill the vacancy left by Posada.

The band's musical style is influenced by some of the greats in the industry, including Joaquín Sabina, Eric Clapton, and Bacilos. Their music is a blend of folk, pop, and rock, with catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics that are relatable to a wide range of audiences.

Originally called "Malta," the band changed its name to "Morat" in honor of Alejandro Posada's family history. The name was also inspired by the farm where the band held their early rehearsals, which was named "La Morat." This decision proved to be a wise one, as the name Morat has since become synonymous with quality music and a unique sound that has won the hearts of many fans worldwide.

In summary, Morat is a Colombian band with a rich musical heritage and a loyal fan base. Their music is a fusion of genres that reflects the diverse cultural influences of their country. With their passion for music and commitment to their craft, the members of Morat have established themselves as one of the most successful bands in Colombia and beyond. Browse A to Z all Morat Lyrics, songs, and albums below.