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175 Welsh Pop-Punk Band

Neck Deep, a vibrant Welsh pop-punk ensemble hailing from Wrexham, originated in 2012 when vocalist Ben Barlow crossed paths with former lead guitarist Lloyd Roberts. The duo's initial foray into the music scene involved posting the track "What Did You Expect?" online under the moniker Neck Deep, quickly garnering digital attention. This prompted the recruitment of additional talent, including rhythm guitarist Matt West, drummer Dani Washington/Abasi, and bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans, thereby solidifying the band's lineup.

Their early creative endeavors manifested in the form of two EPs, "Rain in July" (2012) and "A History of Bad Decisions" (2013), both skillfully recorded by Barlow's older brother, Seb. The turning point for Neck Deep materialized in August 2013 when they inked a deal with the renowned record label Hopeless. The release of their debut album, "Wishful Thinking," in January 2014 marked a significant milestone, propelling the band into the realm of full-time musical commitment. Subsequent successes followed with the launch of their sophomore album, "Life's Not out to Get You," in August 2015.

However, the band encountered a challenging chapter when allegations of sexual misconduct arose against guitarist Lloyd Roberts. Despite being ultimately absolved of the accusations, Roberts departed from the group. Sam Bowden, formerly of Climates and Blood Youth, stepped into the void. Undeterred, Neck Deep continued their musical journey, delivering their third album, "The Peace and the Panic," in August 2017, a chart-topping success reaching No. 4 on the US Billboard 200.

In September 2018, Fil Thorpe-Evans opted for a solo career in production, and the band soldiered on. A pivotal moment came in 2019 when they shared the stage with Blink-182 during a summer tour. By February 2020, the lineup evolved with the formal inclusion of Seb Barlow as the bassist. The band's fourth album, "All Distortions Are Intentional," dropped in July 2020, showcasing their evolution. Fast forward to January 19, 2024, and Neck Deep's self-titled fifth album emerged, a testament to their enduring musical prowess and unwavering commitment to their craft. Browse A to Z all Neck Deep Lyrics, songs, and albums below.