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1.3K American Music Project

NEFFEX is a popular American music project created by Bryce Savage, who originally worked alongside Cameron Wales. Their unique sound blends electronic and rap genres, with their productions comprising remixes and original tracks. In the early days of the project, Savage focused on writing lyrics and delivering vocals, while Wales focused on producing instrumentals and handling editing duties.

The duo initially gained widespread recognition by releasing many of their songs royalty-free, which allowed them to be featured in media by content creators globally. NEFFEX's music has since grown in popularity, with their innovative sound and catchy beats drawing in fans from all around the world.

In 2017, NEFFEX set themselves a challenge to release 100 songs in 100 weeks. All of the tracks produced for this challenge were released royalty-free, allowing content creators and fans alike to access and use them in their projects. This ambitious goal demonstrated the duo's passion for music production and their commitment to providing high-quality content for their fans.

Following the departure of Cameron Wales, Bryce Savage continued to work on NEFFEX as a solo project, further establishing the project's sound and reputation in the music industry. On July 7, 2021, Savage once again set himself the challenge of releasing 100 songs in 100 weeks, with all of the tracks produced for this challenge once again being made available royalty-free.

NEFFEX's innovative and boundary-pushing music has earned them a significant following across the globe, with their tracks being used in countless projects by content creators and fans alike. With their commitment to producing high-quality music and their willingness to share their work with the world, NEFFEX has become a highly respected and admired name in the music industry. Browse A to Z all NEFFEX Lyrics, songs, and albums below.