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"One Ok Rock" is a renowned Japanese rock band that originated in Tokyo in 2005. The band, which initially consisted of five members, now comprises vocalist Takahiro Moriuchi, guitarist and bandleader Toru Yamashita, bassist Ryota Kohama, and drummer Tomoya Kanki. Former members include drummer Yu Koyanagi and guitarist Alexander “Alex” Reimon Onizawa. With a diverse musical repertoire, One Ok Rock explores various genres, ranging from alternative rock and emo to post-hardcore and pop punk.

Having been affiliated with Amuse, Inc. since their debut in 2007, the band recently parted ways with the company on April 1, 2021, establishing their independent management agency called 10969 Inc. In the United States, they are signed to the record label Fueled by Ramen.

The band's name, "One Ok Rock," originated from their practice sessions, which typically took place at one o'clock in the morning on weekends due to the lower rental costs of rehearsal spaces during those hours. Due to the absence of a clear distinction between the sounds of "R" and "L" in the Japanese language, "O'CLOCK" gradually transformed into "O'CROCK" or "O'KROCK," eventually settling on "OK ROCK." Furthermore, "One Ok Rock" can be represented as "10969" (wan-ō-ku-ro-ku) in Japanese. The band incorporates both Japanese and English lyrics into their songs, showcasing their versatility.

One Ok Rock gained international recognition with their 2012 single "The Beginning," featured on their sixth album Jinsei×Boku=. The song propelled them to perform at concerts and music festivals outside of Asia. Following this success, the band started releasing albums in two versions: Japanese-English and full English, each containing 2 to 3 different tracks. Their seventh studio album, 35xxxv, marked their first entry on the US Billboard charts, reaching No. 11 on Heatseekers Albums, No. 43 on Independent Albums, No. 23 on Hard Rock Albums, and No. 1 on the World Albums Chart. With their eighth album, Ambitions, the band further incorporated elements of arena rock and pop-rock, debuting at No. 106 on the US Billboard 200 and achieving international chart success. In 2019, One Ok Rock embraced a more electronic and pop sound in their ninth album, Eye of the Storm. Their latest album, Luxury Disease, released in 2022, features a blend of rock-centered and modern pop-rock elements.

One Ok Rock has received accolades for their musical achievements. In 2016, they won the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards for Eastern Breakthrough Male Band. The following year, they were honored with the Rock Sound Award for Best International Band, and in 2018, they won the award for Best Live Performance. Additionally, the band was nominated for two Alternative Press Music Awards: Best International Band in 2016 and Best Breakthrough Band in 2017. Browse A to Z all One Ok Rock Lyrics, songs, and albums below.