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613 Argentine Rapper & Singer

Paulo Ezequiel Londra (born April 12, 1998) was born in Córdoba, Argentina. He is an Argentine rapper and singer. He is professionally known as Paulo Londra. He gained widespread recognition through his unique style, which seamlessly blends Latin trap and pop music. His music has taken the Argentine and Latin American music scenes by storm, topping charts and winning over fans with its fresh sound and catchy beats.

Londra's professional career began in early 2017 with his debut song "Relax," which quickly gained popularity on social media platforms. Since then, his music has seen significant success, with hit songs like "Nena Maldición" featuring Lenny Tavarez, "Te Amo" with Piso 21, and "Cuando Te Besé" with Becky G, all of which have topped charts in Argentina and Latin America. In fact, "Cuando Te Besé" made history as the first song to top the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 chart.

What sets Londra apart from other urban music artists is his avoidance of themes that are often associated with this genre, such as violence and drugs. Instead, his music is more focused on themes of love, heartbreak, and relationships. With his unique approach, Londra has become a prominent figure in the Latin American music industry.

Apart from his solo work, Londra has collaborated with other international artists, including British singer Ed Sheeran on his No.6 Collaborations Project. He also worked with British rapper Dave on the song "Nothing on You," which was featured on the same album. Another notable collaboration was with American rapper and singer A Boogie wit da Hoodie on the song "Party," which was released in September 2019.

Londra's music style was honed through his participation in freestyle contests as part of the "El Quinto Escalón" group, where he battled against other rappers. His talent and unique style quickly propelled him to stardom, and he continues to be one of the most successful Latin trap artists of his generation.

Overall, Paulo Londra's unique approach to music, coupled with his catchy beats and relatable lyrics, have earned him a dedicated fan base both in Argentina and beyond. He continues to be a prominent figure in the Latin American music industry and a force to be reckoned with in the urban music genre. Browse A to Z all Paulo Londra Lyrics, songs, and albums below.