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247 South Korean Singer & Songwriter

Park Jae-sang (born December 31, 1977) was born in Seoul, South Korea. He is a renowned South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is professionally known as Psy. Psy has gained popularity in his homeland for his humorous music videos and captivating stage performances.

However, it was his global breakthrough hit, "Gangnam Style," that propelled him to international fame. The song's catchy refrain, which includes the iconic horse-riding dance move, became one of the most famous quotations of 2012, according to The Yale Book of Quotations.

On December 21, 2012, Psy made history as his "Gangnam Style" music video surpassed one billion views on YouTube, becoming the first-ever video to achieve such a milestone on the platform. This achievement catapulted him to the status of "King of YouTube," as he was widely recognized and celebrated by the media for his incredible feat. Today, with over 4 billion views, "Gangnam Style" remains one of the most-watched videos on YouTube, ranking eleventh on the list.

In December 2012, MTV hailed Psy as the "Viral Star of 2012" following his sudden rise to fame. Psy's success continued to soar as he performed alongside American rapper MC Hammer on stage in front of a live audience of over a million people in Times Square, New York City, during a globally televised New Year's Eve celebration on December 31, 2012. The event marked a significant milestone in his career, solidifying his status as a global phenomenon.

Despite his departure from YG Entertainment in 2018, Psy has remained a prominent figure in the music industry, having founded his own company, P Nation, in 2019. With his distinct style and unique approach to music, Psy continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world. Browse A to Z all PSY Lyrics, songs, and albums below.