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237 American Indie-electronic Artist

"Ramsey" is a talented 20-year-old indie electronic artist, writer, and producer who is currently based in Los Angeles. She has been actively working on her forthcoming debut EP since 2014, pouring her heart and soul into crafting music that reflects her unique style and influences.
Drawing inspiration from artists such as Glass Animals, Portishead, and Phantogram, Ramsey's music is a refreshing blend of electronic beats, haunting vocals, and introspective lyrics.

In January 2016, Ramsey started sharing her music on Soundcloud, a popular online platform for independent artists. In just over four months, her music had already garnered over 2 million plays, a testament to the captivating nature of her sound and the growing interest in her music. Her unique sound and approach have also caught the attention of numerous well-known blogs such as Perez Hilton, Huffington Post, and AXS.com, who have featured her work, further boosting her profile in the music industry.

Currently, Ramsey is in the midst of recording her debut 10-song album, which promises to be a milestone in her career. With her exceptional talents as a songwriter, musician, and producer, Ramsey is poised to take the indie electronic music scene by storm. Her music speaks to the heart and soul of her listeners, offering a glimpse into her unique perspective on the world and the emotions that drive her creative process. As Ramsey continues to develop and evolve as an artist, fans can look forward to experiencing her music as it continues to captivate and inspire. Browse A to Z all Ramsey Lyrics, songs, and albums below.