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169 Italian Rapper

Tarek Iurcich (born July 19, 1989) was born in Rome, Italy. He is a Italian rapper, known for his proficiency in freestyle and his unique background comes from his Croatian father and Egyptian mother. He is professionally known as Rancore.

Rancore's music career began when he was just fourteen years old in Rome, Italy. Initially, he had limited exposure to the city's hip hop scene and relied solely on what little he had heard to write his first few lyrics. It was not until he started attending the weekly improvisation event, Phat Roma, that he was able to perform his songs live and gain valuable experience. He even recorded his first song, "Tufello talenti," with Andy, which marked his debut as Lirike Taglienti.

In August 2006, Rancore released his first album, "Segui me," which achieved moderate success. His winnings in freestyle battles, his constant presence at jam sessions, and performances at high school concerts all helped him gain recognition in the Roman hip hop scene. Rancore also participated in the TRL Hip-Hop Session organized by Piotta, which gave him valuable exposure.

In early 2010, Rancore released the track "Lo spazzacamino," which was included in DJ Myke's album "Hocus Pocus." Later that year, he released the Acoustic EP for free download. The EP included seven unreleased tracks, plus the Squarta skit. In April 2011, Rancore and DJ Myke released their album, "Elettrico," together. The following October, the mixtape "Roccia Music II" by Marracash was released, featuring Rancore's duet with Dargen D'Amico on the song "L'albatro."

In late 2011, a collection of five Grudge tracks and a ghost track titled "The death of RINquore" was made available for free download on the Nill Forum Exclusives. Rancore also participated in the MTV Spit Gala that same year, which was a precursor to the program that officially started in March 2012. Rancore won the gala on a tie with Clementino, unlike the first season where he was beaten in the semifinal by Ensi.

In October 2012, Rancore and DJ Myke released their second album, "Silenzio." The album received positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

In 2019, Rancore made an uncredited appearance at the Sanremo Music Festival during Daniele Silvestri's performances of "Argentovivo." The following year, Rancore competed as a contestant in the Sanremo Music Festival 2020 with his song "Eden." He also won the prestigious Sergio Bardotti prize for the best lyrics.

Overall, Rancore's career has been marked by his impressive skills in freestyle rap and his ability to continuously innovate and evolve his style. His unique background and experiences have undoubtedly contributed to his distinct sound and lyrical content. Browse A to Z all Rancore Lyrics, songs, and albums below.