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374 Serbian Rapper & Actor

Relja Popović (born August 2, 1989) was born in Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia. He is a Serbian rapper and actor. He is professionally known as Relja. He gained fame as a member of the music duo Elitni Odredi. After the duo took a hiatus in 2015, Popović embarked on a successful solo career, starting with the release of his debut single "Beograd još živi" in April of the same year.

Popović's acting skills have been recognized through his notable performances in films such as "Ordinary People" (2009) and "The Parade" (2011). For his role in "Ordinary People," he became the youngest recipient of the Heart of Sarajevo award. In 2021, he joined the cast of the television series "Besa," further showcasing his versatility as an actor.

In 2005, Popović and his childhood friend Vladimir Matović formed the music duo Elitni Odredi. Together, they released the studio album "Oko sveta" in 2010 and several successful singles. Elitni Odredi gained mainstream attention in 2011 with hits like "Kao kokain" and "Beograd." They were among the first urban artists to perform for the Serbian diaspora in the European Union and Australia. In early 2015, the duo announced their disbandment to pursue individual projects.

Following the hiatus of Elitni Odredi, Popović focused on his solo music career. He released a series of standalone singles, including the popular track "Crni sin" featuring Coby and Cvija, which gained over 50 million views for its music video. He also collaborated with singer Stoja on the hit song "Samo jako," which accumulated over 70 million views on YouTube.

In June 2019, Popović announced his debut album, "Made In BLKN," with the release of the single "Princeza na belom." Throughout the year, he followed it up with four more singles, and in July 2019, he held his first major solo concert during the Ulaz music festival in Belgrade. In 2020, he established Made In BLKN Records and expanded it into a clothing brand in 2021. Popović continued to release music, including collaborations such as "Genge" with Rasta, which garnered over 50 million views on YouTube.

In April 2022, he released two duets with Devito, "Omađijala" and "Do zore," with "Omađijala" reaching number 2 on Billboard's Croatia Songs chart. Popović also took on a new role as a judge and coach on the singing competition series IDJ Show alongside Teodora Džehverović and Darko Dimitrov. He collaborated with Nucci on the single "Zovite doktore" in the following month, drawing inspiration from his early works with Elitni Odredi. Popović's talent and popularity were further showcased when he performed at the Music Week Festival in Ušće, Belgrade, in late August 2022.

With his diverse range of talents and numerous achievements, Relja Popović continues to captivate audiences in both the music and acting industries, leaving a significant impact on the Serbian entertainment scene. Browse A to Z all Relja Lyrics, songs, and albums below.