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175 American Singer & Songwriter

Salem Ilese Davern (born August 19, 1999) was born in Mill Valley, California, United States. She is an American American singer and songwriter. She is professionally known as Salem Ilese. who gained widespread recognition for her viral hits "Mad at Disney" and "PS5". In addition to her solo work, she has co-written tracks for notable artists like Bella Poarch and Demi Lovato. Originating from Mill Valley, California, Ilese's passion for songwriting began early. At the age of ten, she started taking songwriting classes under the tutelage of Bonnie Hayes. This early education laid a strong foundation for her musical career, leading her to spend two years majoring in Hayes' songwriting program at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Ilese's professional journey took a significant turn when she relocated to Los Angeles. There, she signed with Homemade Projects and, in 2019, released her debut EP, 757. However, it was in 2020 that Ilese gained widespread recognition with her single "Mad at Disney." The song, inspired by a wave of Disney live-action remakes that disappointed many fans, resonated deeply on social media platforms like TikTok, propelling it to become her breakout hit. The track's success was cemented with a gold certification by the RIAA.

Following this success, Ilese continued to build her discography. In 2021, she released her second EP, (L)only Child, and collaborated with renowned DJ Alan Walker on the single "Fake a Smile." Her momentum continued into 2022 with "PS5," a collaboration with Tomorrow X Together featuring Walker, which became another online sensation. In 2023, Ilese unveiled her debut album, High Concept.

Known for her distinctive pop style, Ilese's music often revolves around themes of dissatisfied relationships, characterized by catchy hooks and frequent brand name mentions. This approach, sometimes labeled the "mad at disney genre," has garnered both acclaim and criticism. While it effectively captures social media attention, some critics argue that it can appear inauthentic and formulaic. Nonetheless, Ilese's ability to connect with a broad audience through her relatable lyrics and modern sound continues to define her as a significant figure in contemporary pop music. Browse A to Z all Salem Ilese Lyrics, songs, and albums below.