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298 Italian Rapper & Record Producer

Luca Antonio Barker (born August 17, 1994) was born in London, England. He is an Italian record producer and rapper. He is professionally known as Sick Luke. He discovered his passion for music at a young age and began composing backing tracks using FL Studio when he was just thirteen years old. Sick Luke's talent and dedication quickly caught the attention of industry professionals, and he soon made his debut as a producer on his father's album, Grindz Musik I, with the track "Making Moves."

The budding artist's career took off when he crossed paths with the Roman collective Dark Polo Gang in 2015. Together, they released the mixtape "Full Metal Dark," showcasing Sick Luke's exceptional production skills. Following this successful collaboration, Sick Luke went on to produce three individual mixtapes: "Crack Music," "Ginger Juice," and "The Dark Album." In 2017, the collective released their first studio album, "Twins," which achieved platinum certification by FIMI, the Italian music industry federation.

The following year marked a significant milestone for Sick Luke as he signed an agreement with Universal Music, a major record label. Under this partnership, he released two studio albums: "Sick Side" and "Trap Lovers," the latter co-produced alongside Michele Canova Iorfida. These albums showcased Sick Luke's versatility as a musician, blending various genres and pushing creative boundaries.

In 2019, Sick Luke collaborated with Mecna, another talented rapper, on the joint album "Neverland." The record featured ten captivating tracks and included notable guest appearances from artists such as the Psychologists, CoCo, Luchè, and Tedua.

Sick Luke's solo career reached new heights with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, "X2," on January 7, 2022, through Carosello Records, in collaboration with Universal Music Italia / Virgin Italia. The album instantly gained international recognition, becoming the third most played album worldwide on Spotify during its debut weekend, surpassed only by The Weeknd's "Dawn FM" and Gunna's "DS4EVER." Additionally, "X2" claimed the top position on the sales charts in its debut week, securing the title of best-selling album and vinyl of the week.

The album's success continued as all three top-selling songs of that week were tracks from "X2." "Solite Pare," a collaboration with Sfera Ebbasta and tha Supreme, claimed the first position, followed by "Dream Team" featuring Pyrex, Capo Plaza, Tedua, and Shiva in second place, and "Falena" featuring Franco126, Coez, and Ketama126 in third place. "X2" consistently maintained its position in the top charts and was recognized as the best-selling album of the year according to estimates from March 22.

Sick Luke's achievements were further acknowledged with certifications for his work. The single "Solite Pare" achieved gold certification on January 24, 2022, and later reached platinum status on March 7, 2022. Similarly, "X2" earned gold certification just two weeks after its release, followed by platinum certification on February 21, 2022. To the delight of his fans, Sick Luke released the Deluxe Edition of "X2" on December 2, featuring six additional tracks that further showcased his artistic prowess and musical evolution. Browse A to Z all Sick Luke Lyrics, songs, and albums below.