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Paul Hartmut Würdig (born November 30, 1980) was born in East Berlin, East Germany. He is a German rapper renowned for his provocative and aggressive lyrics. He is professionally known as Sido. He has left an indelible mark on the German hip-hop scene. Sido humorously interprets his stage name as "super-intelligentes Drogenopfer", meaning "super-intelligent drug victim." Initially, it represented "Scheiße in dein Ohr" or "shit into your ear," a line taken from his track "Terroarr."

Sido's artistic journey commenced in 1997 when he formed the duo Royal TS (now A.i.d.S) alongside B-Tight. The duo gained recognition and later signed with Berlin hip-hop label Royal Bunker. In 2001, they inked a deal with Aggro Berlin, a prominent German record label known for its raw and rebellious hip-hop acts.

The turning point in Sido's career arrived with the release of his debut album, "Maske," in 2004. Accompanied by his distinctive silver skull mask, Sido captivated audiences with his edgy and confrontational style. However, as time progressed, he shed the mask in 2005, allowing his talent and personality to shine without the visual gimmick.

Following his success, Sido secured a recording contract with Urban/Universal Music Group in 2009, solidifying his status as one of Germany's most influential rappers. Throughout his discography, Sido fearlessly explores diverse themes, often tackling social issues, personal struggles, and his own experiences. His lyrical prowess, coupled with his unabashed delivery, has made him a prominent figure in the German music industry.

Beyond his musical achievements, Sido has also dabbled in other artistic endeavors, including acting and hosting television shows. He has demonstrated versatility and continued to evolve as an artist over the years. With his magnetic stage presence and thought-provoking verses, Sido has left an indelible impact on German hip-hop culture, solidifying his position as an icon of the genre. Browse A to Z all Sido Lyrics, songs, and albums below.