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Mitsuhiro Hidaka (日高 光啓, born December 12, 1986) was born in Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. His versatile artistic talents encompass rap, singing, songwriting, dancing, acting, and even entrepreneurship, where he serves as a CEO. He is professionally known as SKY-HI. Initially rising to prominence as the rapper within the co-ed ensemble AAA, a group signed under Avex Trax that debuted in 2005, SKY-HI showcased his musical flair. He is also a member of the hip hop trio Mother Ninjas. He also debuted as a solo artist in August 2013 as Sky-Hi.

In a significant career pivot, SKY-HI embarked on his solo journey in August 2013. This marked a momentous turning point as he unveiled his solo debut with the release of the single "愛ブルーム / RULE."

The year 2021 brought another remarkable chapter to his narrative as he ventured into entrepreneurship. The fruition of his vision materialized in the establishment of BMSG Tokyo, a label he founded. The name, an acronym for 'Be My Self Group,' embodies his belief in authentic self-expression. The label's philosophy, encapsulated by the acronym 'Brave, Massive, Survive, Groove,' mirrors the resilience and dynamism he values in music.

Under BMSG Tokyo's umbrella, SKY-HI not only cultivates his own artistic endeavors but also nurtures emerging talent. A notable accomplishment is the formation of the idol group BE:FIRST, a testament to his role as a mentor and visionary. This creative haven also shelters other artists, including the accomplished rappers Novel Core and edhiii boi, as well as the singer Aile The Shota. Additionally, BMSG Tokyo serves as a platform for aspiring artists, opening pathways for trainees to develop their potential.

SKY-HI's multifaceted journey from a co-ed group rapper to a soloist and visionary label founder underscores his unwavering dedication to artistic growth and innovation. His impact resonates not only through his music but also as a mentor, creating spaces for fellow artists to flourish.

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