Slaughter To Prevail Lyrics - Discography

439 Russian Deathcore Band

Slaughter to Prevail is a dynamic and formidable deathcore band with Russian origins that has taken the international metal scene by storm. Founded in Yekaterinburg and now firmly rooted in Orlando, Florida, the group has captivated audiences worldwide with their brutal sound and captivating performances.

In 2015, Slaughter to Prevail made their explosive debut with the release of their EP, titled "Chapters of Misery." This intense collection of songs showcased the band's unique blend of bone-crushing riffs, guttural vocals, and relentless aggression. The EP served as a powerful introduction to their uncompromising style, quickly garnering them a dedicated following within the metal community.

Building on their initial success, Slaughter to Prevail solidified their presence in the genre with the release of their first full-length album, "Misery Sermon," in 2017. This highly anticipated record further exemplified the band's ability to deliver punishing breakdowns, intricate guitar work, and relentless drumming, all wrapped in an atmosphere of dark despair. "Misery Sermon" was met with critical acclaim and solidified Slaughter to Prevail as a force to be reckoned with.

In 2021, the band unleashed their second studio album, "Kostolom." This eagerly awaited release showcased the growth and maturity of Slaughter to Prevail's sound, pushing the boundaries of their craft even further. With "Kostolom," the band proved their ability to seamlessly blend bone-crushing heaviness with melodic intricacies, creating a sonic experience that resonated with both die-hard fans and newcomers alike.

Currently signed to Sumerian Records, Slaughter to Prevail has embarked on numerous high-energy tours, conquering stages across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Their electrifying live performances, characterized by a raw energy and fierce stage presence, have solidified their reputation as a must-see act. With each show, they leave audiences in awe and craving more of their intense and cathartic musical assault.

Slaughter to Prevail continues to push the boundaries of the deathcore genre, defying expectations and evolving their sound with each release. With their captivating blend of punishing heaviness and dark melodies, this Russian-born band turned international powerhouse shows no signs of slowing down, and their future promises to be filled with even more brutal and uncompromising music. Browse A to Z all Slaughter To Prevail Lyrics, songs, and albums below.