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185 South Korean Rapper & Songwriter

Lee Tae-yong (born July 1, 1995) was born in Seoul, South Korea. He is a South Korean artist who has made a significant impact in the K-pop industry as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is professionally known as Taeyong.

He started his career in 2016 as a member of NCT's first sub-unit, NCT U. Soon after, he became the leader of NCT 127, the second sub-unit of NCT. Taeyong's leadership and musical contributions have played a crucial role in the success of both NCT U and NCT 127.

In 2019, Taeyong joined hands with fellow SM Entertainment label-mates and debuted as a member of the supergroup SuperM, in collaboration with Capitol Records. The group's success was instant, and they gained worldwide popularity for their unique sound and impressive stage performances.

Aside from his group activities, Taeyong has also established himself as a talented solo artist. He released his first solo single, "Long Flight," in 2019, which showcased his distinct style and songwriting abilities. To date, he has written over 40 songs in four languages, which have been released by NCT's various units and as a soloist.

Taeyong's contributions to the K-pop industry have been recognized globally, and he has won several awards for his musical talent and leadership skills. He has also earned a reputation as a role model among his fans for his work ethic, dedication, and positive attitude. His popularity is not limited to South Korea but extends to other countries, where he has gained a massive following.

In conclusion, Taeyong's impact on the K-pop industry is undeniable, and he continues to push boundaries with his music, performances, and leadership skills. His contributions as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and dancer have earned him respect and admiration from fans worldwide, and he is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists in the genre today.

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