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Tarsem Jassar (born July 4, 1986) was born in Amloh, Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India. He is an Indian Punjabi Singer & songwriter. His association with the film and music industries has earned him a distinguished reputation as a singer, songwriter, and actor. Particularly notable are his performances in the films "Rabb Da Radio" and its sequel "Rabb Da Radio 2," which have cemented his presence in the cinematic landscape.

Jassar, in collaboration with fellow artist Kulbir Jhinjer, embarked on a significant endeavor by establishing their independent label, 'Vehli Janta Records,' in 2013. This move not only showcased his artistic autonomy but also demonstrated his commitment to fostering creativity within the industry.

Tarsem's journey began as a lyricist, where he contributed his talents to the song "Vehli Janta," sung by Kulbir Jhinjer. However, it was the resounding success of the song "College Di Yaad" in 2013 that propelled him into the limelight, garnering him well-deserved recognition. Gradually transitioning to the role of a singer, he marked his musical debut in 2014 with "Attwadi," although the song faced hurdles with the censor board and television broadcast.

Nonetheless, he emerged triumphantly with subsequent releases, including the hit track "Galwakdi." The Punjabi music scene was captivated by his offerings such as "Creez," "Over Under," "Asool," "Ghaint Bande," "Illuminati," "Mardan Di Shaan," "Rehmat," "Sardara," and "Rangle Chubare," each showcasing his versatility and musical prowess.

Venturing into the world of acting, Tarsem made his debut on the silver screen in 2017 with the role of Manjinder Singh in the Punjabi film "Rabb Da Radio." This transition from music to acting showcased his multifaceted talent and garnered praise for his performance. Building on his success, he ventured into more films like "Sardar Mohammad," "Daana Paani," "Afsar," "Uda Aida," and "Rabb Da Radio 2," continuing to captivate audiences with his on-screen presence.

In essence, Tarsem Jassar's journey is a testament to his remarkable versatility and his ability to make a mark in various creative domains, be it music, lyrics, or acting. His dedication to both Punjabi cinema and music has solidified his position as a prominent and celebrated figure in Indian entertainment. Browse A to Z all Tarsem Jassar Lyrics, songs, and albums below.