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280 American Musical Duo

The Gentle Men is an American musical duo that blossomed from the creative minds of American YouTuber Charlie "cr1tikal" White, known as Charles Christopher White Jr., and the talented New Zealand musician Troy McKubre, who is also recognized as Solstate. Their journey as a duo began in 2019, despite residing on opposite sides of the globe, with White in the United States and McKubre in New Zealand.

Fascinatingly, the two have never met face-to-face, yet their shared passion for music transcends physical boundaries, allowing them to collaborate and craft their mesmerizing melodies entirely remotely.

The duo embarked on their musical odyssey by releasing a series of captivating singles in their inaugural year. The tracks resonated deeply with listeners worldwide, showcasing their ability to blend their individual talents seamlessly. White, renowned for his influential presence in the online realm, had a fortuitous encounter in 2019 when he co-founded Human Media Group, a prominent American multi-channel network, alongside his close friend Matt Philips. This innovative network emerged as a haven for online content creators, offering valuable resources such as brand deals and legal support to foster their growth and success.

On the 5th of July, 2021, White surprised his ever-loyal fan base by revealing yet another creative endeavor—the launch of a captivating graphic novel series entitled GODSLAP. Collaborating with esteemed author Stephanie Phillips and accomplished artist Ricardo Jaime, White unleashed his imagination onto the pages of this thrilling literary work, which was masterfully published by Meatier Productions. The graphic novel showcased the limitless depths of White's storytelling prowess and captivated readers with its spellbinding narrative. Intriguingly, White expressed a keen interest in expanding the GODSLAP universe beyond the realm of comics, tantalizingly hinting at an animated adaptation that was already in the works.

As The Gentle Men continue to captivate the hearts of their dedicated fan base with their mesmerizing harmonies, it is clear that their remote collaboration serves as a testament to the boundless power of music to bridge the geographical gaps that separate us. With their burgeoning success and White's undeniable flair for creative entrepreneurship, it is only a matter of time before The Gentle Men make their mark in the realm of animated adaptations, further propelling the enchanting world of GODSLAP into the imaginations of fans around the globe. Browse A to Z all The Gentle Men Lyrics, songs, and albums below.