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1K English Musician & YouTuber

Tobias James "Toby" Smith (born December 23, 2003) was born in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England. He is an English musician, YouTuber & twitch streamer. He is professionally known as Tubbo. He is a member of the Minecraft server Dream SMP. Tubbo has gained immense popularity among the youth for his impressive gaming skills, particularly in Minecraft, and his entertaining content.

Apart from being a gamer, Tubbo is also an accomplished musician who enjoys creating and sharing his music with his fans. His passion for music is evident in his videos, where he often showcases his skills with various instruments.

Tubbo rose to prominence for his collaborations with other prominent Minecraft gamers on his YouTube channel, which has amassed a large following. In addition, he is a member of the Dream SMP Minecraft server, which features some of the most prominent Minecraft streamers and gamers globally.

Most of Tubbo's content on his YouTube channel comprises clips from his Twitch streams. With his engaging and captivating personality, Tubbo has amassed a significant fan base that loves his content and eagerly awaits his next video or stream. He has managed to capture the hearts of his followers with his humorous banter, genuine personality, and exceptional gaming skills.

In summary, Tubbo is a multi-talented content creator with a passion for gaming and music. His impressive skills and engaging personality have made him a beloved figure among Minecraft fans and the broader gaming community. Browse A to Z all Tubbo Lyrics, songs, and albums below.