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Victor Leksell (born April 4, 1997) was born in Torslanda, Sweden. He is a Swedish singer. His breakthrough came in 2020 with the release of his most successful single, "Svag." The captivating track not only topped the Swedish Singles Chart but also achieved a remarkable nonuple platinum certification in Sweden, reflecting its immense popularity.

Building on this success, Leksell launched his debut studio album, "Fånga mig när jag faller," on 17 June 2020. The album immediately soared to the number one position on the Swedish Albums Chart and reached an impressive third place in Norway. It featured previously released hit singles such as "Vart du sover," "Tappat," "Allt för mig," "Klär av dig," "Svag," and "Fantasi," showcasing Leksell's ability to craft compelling and emotionally charged music.

While his musical journey gained momentum in 2018, Leksell initially garnered attention through his participation in the 2017 season of "Idol." Although he made it to the Top 21 and qualifying week, he was eventually voted off the show. Undeterred, he continued to pursue his passion and released the song "Tappat" in 2018, which garnered over 5 million streams on Spotify by February 2020, eventually surpassing 25 million streams.

Following his initial breakthrough, Leksell's single "Svag" took the music world by storm, securing the number one spot on the Swedish Singles Chart. Its reign lasted for an impressive seven consecutive weeks, only to be briefly dethroned by The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" before reclaiming the top position in its twelfth week. Additionally, "Svag" also achieved the number one spot on the Norwegian chart and received nonuple platinum certification in Sweden. The song's immense success further solidified Leksell's status as a prominent artist in the Nordic music scene.

Beyond his solo endeavors, Leksell collaborated with fellow musicians Molly Sandén and Joakim Berg on a cover of Kent's song "Sverige" in April 2020. The track, released to support Radiohjälpen's COVID-19 fundraising efforts, peaked at number 11 on the Swedish Singles Chart. Leksell also showcased his talent through performances, including a memorable rendition of "Svag" with Norwegian singer Astrid S at the border between Norway and Sweden.

Leksell's achievements were recognized by the industry, as he received nominations in multiple prestigious awards. In 2019, he was nominated in three categories at Aftonbladet's "Rockbjörnen" competition and emerged victorious in the "Årets genombrott" (Breakthrough of the Year) category. Additionally, he received a nomination for "Årets nykomling" (Newcomer of the Year) at the 2020 "Grammisgalan," solidifying his position as a rising star.

Victor Leksell's journey from his initial foray in "Idol" to his chart-topping singles and critically acclaimed debut album exemplifies his talent, dedication, and growing influence in the music industry. With his soulful voice, poignant lyrics, and captivating melodies, Leksell continues to captivate audiences in Sweden, Norway, and beyond. His future in music looks bright as he establishes himself as one of the most promising Swedish artists of his generation. Browse A to Z all Victor Leksell Lyrics, songs, and albums below.