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206 English Musician

William Patrick Spencer Gold (born September 14, 1996) was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. He is a rising English Musician and online content creator. He is professionally known as Wilbur Soot. His journey to prominence commenced in 2017 through his contributions to the SootHouse YouTube channel, a comedy group where he not only made recurring appearances but also held the pivotal roles of lead editor and co-founder.

Breaking into the scene with artistic flair, Wilbur Soot launched his eponymous YouTube channel in March 2019, serving as a platform to showcase his unique creativity. Early in his musical endeavors, Gold unveiled his debut single, "The 'Nice Guy' Ballad," in January 2018, marking the inception of his foray into the music industry.

The culmination of his artistic evolution came with the establishment of the indie rock band Lovejoy, co-founded by Gold. Within this musical collective, he assumes the roles of a songwriter, lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist. Lovejoy's discography reached noteworthy heights with the release of their second EP, "Pebble Brain," in 2021, which debuted impressively at No. 12 on the UK Albums Chart.

Continuing their ascent, Lovejoy dropped their third EP, "Wake Up & It's Over," in 2023, securing an even more impressive debut at No. 4 on the UK Albums Chart. This attests to Wilbur Soot's ability to seamlessly transition between his roles as a content creator and a musician, carving a niche for himself in both spheres. As he celebrates his one-year milestone, it stands as a testament to the dynamic and prolific career of this English sensation. Browse A to Z all Wilbur Soot Lyrics, songs, and albums below.