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157 British Rapper & Songwriter

Maher Ali, widely recognized by his stage name 'Young Smokes', stands as a prominent British rapper and songwriter hailing from the vibrant city of Birmingham, England. His journey into the music scene commenced at the tender age of 13, echoing the familiar narrative of honing his craft by freestyling for local YouTube platforms. Young Smokes swiftly garnered attention within his community, a momentum that soon transcended regional boundaries, propelling him into the national spotlight.

In the musical landscape, Young Smokes made a significant mark with the release of 'Kilos' in April 2017, a track that resonated with audiences and has since accumulated an impressive 7 million views on YouTube. Following this initial success, he continued to showcase his artistic prowess with subsequent releases like 'Slidin Thru' and 'Mad Max.' However, his burgeoning career faced an unexpected interruption when, in December 2018, he found himself entangled with the law, resulting in a two-year prison sentence for the possession of a Beretta shotgun discovered in the back of his car.

Despite the setbacks, Young Smokes demonstrated resilience and determination upon his release from prison in August 2019. Rising like a phoenix, he made a triumphant return to the music scene, unleashing the much-anticipated and heavily hyped 'Hoodrich' in mid-September 2019. This comeback not only marked a personal victory but also showcased his ability to overcome adversity and channel it into his art.

Young Smokes' narrative is one of highs and lows, a testament to both his artistic evolution and the challenges he faced on his journey. As he continues to navigate the dynamic realm of music, audiences eagerly anticipate the next chapters in the compelling story of Young Smokes. Browse A to Z all Young Smokes Lyrics, songs, and albums below.

Young Smokes Lyrics