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English 313 July 5, 2024
The lyrics of "ss" by Ken Carson are a portrayal of his opulent lifestyle, filled with luxury items, drugs, and sexual exploits. The song emphasizes his wealth and the extravagance it brings, including high-end cars, designer clothes, and expensive jewelry. The recurring mention of "Sydney Sweeney" alludes to her physical attributes, using her as a metaphor for the luxury and allure he surrounds himself with. The song also touches on themes of hedonism, with references to drug use and casual relationships. Carson's braggadocious style highlights his confidence and dominance in both his personal and professional life. The lyrics are a mix of flaunting his riches and enjoying the pleasures that come with his success. ...Read More

ss Song Lyrics

[Intro: Ken Carson]
Huh, huh, huh, huh
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh

[Verse 1: Ken Carson]
Promethazine, had the lean, had the codeine
Had the kickstand, yeah, barking, yeah, yeah, I'm leaning
I chop the top off the McLaren, this ain't no Lamborghini
My white ho got big t!tt!es, she remind me of Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney, Sydney Sweeney
I rock that stick like it's a purse, yeah, my chopper swinging
Like Sydney Sweeney, my stick have them t!tt!es underneath
Like Sydney Sweeney, my b!tch t!tt!es big like double D
Emergency, emergency
Shawty just threw it back, she tryna hurt me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, shawty just threw it back, she tryna birth one
But I'm way too rich, yeah, for this b!tch, no, I can't birth none
My swag way too sick, I need an IV, yeah, yeah
Cs in my pocket, but we throwing Bs over here
I got designer habits, I got designer habits, I can't stop
I was f**king on your b!tch in my Rick Owens socks
I was f**king on your b!tch in my Rick Owens socks
I was f**king on your b!tch in my Rick Owens socks
I was f**king on your b!tch in my Rick Owens socks
My Rick Owens socks, my Rick Owens socks, yeah

[Verse 2: Ken Carson]
I'm off the G6, they don't know if I'm talking 'bout the pill or the plane
Iced out my mouth, went Alex Moss, I don't know none 'bout Johnny Dang
I got unlimited jewelry, I put a X on my chain
She got unlimited pu**y, I'm 'bout to f**k her for hours
Switched up my flow, he can't keep up, that boy career going sour
Paris Fashion Week, she wanna f**k at the Eiffel Tower
Paris Fashion Week, I'm off the ho, 'bout to get devoured
She say she like my aesthetic, all gas, no brakes, I'm unleaded
If I f**k with you, then we locked in, yeah, we dreaded
She f**king with me, yeah, she rubbing, yeah, her hand through my dreads
Ain't repeating sh!t after I speak, b!tch, I mean what I said
I can buy fifteen Richard Mills’, why would I cop a Rolex?

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "ss" song?

"ss" song is sung by Ken Carson.

Who is the lyrics writer of "ss" song?

"ss" song lyrics written by Ken Carson, Lil 88, ​bart how, 1kyl & Mnclzy.

Who is the music producer of "ss" song?

"ss" song music composed & produced by Lil 88, ​bart how, 1kyl & Mnclzy.

When was "ss" song released?

"ss" song was released on July 5, 2024.