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English 237 January 1, 2004

Architects, the renowned British metalcore band, has been producing music since their inception on January 1, 2004. Over the years, they have released numerous singles and featured songs that have captivated their fans and earned them critical acclaim in the music industry.

From their early beginnings, Architects have consistently produced music that embodies their signature sound, combining aggressive metalcore with elements of progressive metal and post-rock. Their unique musical style is often accompanied by poignant and socially conscious lyrics, which have contributed to their immense popularity and respect within the genre.

Since their debut album "Nightmares" in 2006, Architects have continued to produce hit after hit. Some of their most popular singles include "Gone with the Wind," "Doomsday," and "Animals," among others. The band has also collaborated with other notable artists on featured songs, including Parkway Drive on "The Shadow Boxing" and Royal Blood on "Little Monster (Architects Remix)."

With each new release, Architects have pushed the boundaries of their music and evolved their sound, while still remaining true to their roots. Their discography spans over a decade, and their lyrics have tackled a range of topics, from social and political issues to personal struggles with mental health.

In short, Architects' collection of singles and featured songs is a testament to their artistic evolution and a reflection of their passionate fan base, who continue to appreciate and celebrate their unique sound and powerful lyrics to this day. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Architects (Singles) album Cover

Architects (Singles) album cover

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