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English 65 January 1, 2012

Aurora, the talented Norwegian artist, boasts a diverse and extensive musical career spanning from January 1, 2011, to the present day. With a multifaceted portfolio that includes singing, songwriting, and record production, she has made a profound impact on the global music scene.

From her debut in 2011 to her most recent releases, Aurora has consistently demonstrated her prowess as a singer and songwriter. Her discography is a rich tapestry of singles and collaborations that have garnered acclaim and captivated audiences worldwide. Some of her most noteworthy singles and featured works are worth highlighting.

Aurora's early works, like "Puppet" and "Awakening," set the stage for her artistic journey, showcasing her distinctive voice and poetic songwriting. Over the years, she has continued to evolve and experiment with her sound, delivering hits such as "Runaway," "Queendom," and "Exist for Love." These tracks resonate with her ethereal and introspective style.

In addition to her solo work, Aurora has collaborated with various artists and producers, leaving her mark on the industry. Her distinctive vocals have graced tracks like "Into the Unknown" from Disney's "Frozen 2," and her collaborations with renowned artists like Kygo and The Chemical Brothers have expanded her musical horizons.

Aurora's musical odyssey is a testament to her dedication, creativity, and the enduring impact she has had on the global music landscape. Her singles and featured works represent a remarkable journey through time, offering listeners a glimpse into the evolution of a remarkable artist who continues to enchant and inspire with her unique blend of talent and innovation. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Aurora (Singles) album Cover

Aurora (Singles) album cover

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