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English 14 January 1, 2015

Jaira Burns, an American singer, embarked on her musical journey at a tender age, honing her skills by posting covers of popular songs on her YouTube channel. This early passion and dedication eventually caught the attention of industry insiders, leading her to secure her first record deal with Interscope Records.

In 2017, Burns marked her official entry into the music scene with the release of her debut single, "Ugly." The track showcased her distinctive style and vocal prowess, garnering attention and setting the stage for what would be a promising career ahead.

Building on the momentum of her debut, Burns unveiled her inaugural EP, "Burn Slow," in 2018. The EP showcased her versatility as an artist, featuring tracks such as "Burn Slow," "Okokok," and "Sugarcoat." Each song offered a glimpse into Burns' artistic vision, blending elements of pop, R&B, and electronic music to create a unique sonic landscape.

In interviews, Burns reflects on her upbringing and the role music played in shaping her identity. When questioned about her childhood aspirations and earliest musical memories, she fondly recalls moments of musical discovery and creative expression. These formative experiences laid the groundwork for her eventual pursuit of a career in music, instilling in her a passion and determination to share her artistry with the world.

As Burns continues to evolve as an artist, her music resonates with audiences worldwide, transcending boundaries and forging connections through the universal language of music. With each release, she reaffirms her place in the industry as a dynamic talent with a distinct voice and an unwavering commitment to her craft. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Jaira Burns (Singles) album Cover

Jaira Burns (Singles) album cover

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