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157 American Singer

Jaira Burns (born January 14, 1997) was born in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, United States. She is an American singer. Her journey began in 2015 when she secured her first meeting with a major record label, marking the inception of her professional trajectory. Breaking into the industry with flair, Burns unveiled her debut single, "Ugly," on June 16, 2017. "Ugly" attained further prominence as it featured prominently in a commercial collaboration between Beats Electronics and Balmain, starring none other than cultural icon Kylie Jenner.

Building on the success of her debut, Burns continued to make waves with subsequent releases. In August 2017, she dropped "Burn Slow," which not only served as the title track for her inaugural extended play but also showcased her evolving artistry. Following this, she unleashed "High Rollin" in October 2017, further solidifying her presence in the music scene.

Undeterred by convention, Burns explored various sonic landscapes, experimenting with sounds and styles. This experimentation bore fruit with singles like "Okokok" (March 2018), "Sugarcoat" (May 2018), and "Low Key In Love" (June 2018), all of which contributed to her debut EP, "Burn Slow," released on July 27, 2018.

Embracing collaboration as a means of artistic exploration, Burns joined forces with Demo Taped for "Everyone Else" in September 2018. Additionally, she ventured into the virtual realm as part of K/DA, collaborating with Soyeon and Miyeon from (G)I-DLE and Madison Beer for the electrifying single "Pop/Stars."

The following year saw Burns unveil "Numb" on January 10, 2019, setting the stage for her highly anticipated debut studio album, slated for release that same year. Despite this, the album remains unreleased, though Burns continued to tantalize listeners with singles like "Goddess," "Tip Back," and "Hard Liquor," demonstrating her versatility and staying power in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music.

In 2020, Burns revisited her role as Kai'sa in K/DA for their EP "All Out," featuring prominently on the title track "More" alongside the original lineup and Chinese sensation Lexie Liu. With each release, Burns asserts her position as a dynamic force in the industry, captivating audiences with her infectious energy and undeniable talent. Browse A to Z all Jaira Burns Lyrics, songs, and albums below.